ScoliBrace® in Chicago, IL

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a progressive, sideways curvature of the spine. It can affect children and adults. In children it can be a more serious condition because it can rapidly progress as the child grows. The effects of scoliosis include: poor posture, shoulder humping, muscle weakness, and pain. In rare cases scoliosis can lead to heart and lung problems.

  • 2-4% of children will develop some form of scoliosis
  • Research shows that up to 40% of adults aged 50-80 with lower back pain have a scoliosis
  • The best results for scoliosis treatment occur when it is detected early and treated correctly

Early Detection is Vital!

The importance of early detection – tips for parents. Idiopathic scoliosis can go unnoticed in a child because it is rarely painful in the formative years. Parents should watch for the following “tip-offs” to scoliosis beginning when their child is about 8 years of age: uneven shoulders prominent shoulder blade or shoulder blades uneven waist elevated hips leaning to one side.

Any one of these signs warrants a screening examination at our facility. Our office does scoliosis screening at schools and events but, it’s not possible for us to be everywhere. If you notice your child, or any child for that matter, presenting with the signs of scoliosis, you should refer them for screening immediately. Early detection is the key to successful treatment and may be the key to avoiding a surgical intervention and extended recovery.

Scoliosis typically develops during childhood, but when it occurs in adults, it is called “de novo” scoliosis. Adult scoliosis may represent the progression of a condition that actually began in childhood, and was not diagnosed or treated while the person was still growing. What might have started out as a slight or moderate curve has progressed in the absence of treatment which reinforces the need to get checked, especially if any other related family members have scoliosis.


ScoliBrace® is the newest innovation in scoliosis treatment and Dr. Jacobazzi is the only certified ScoliBrace provider in the entire state of Illinois.

Any effective scoliosis treatment requires a 3 dimensional approach. Our approach utilizes 3D body scans in conjunction with specialized x-rays to be used with a CAD (computer aided design) program to provide a specific custom brace fabricated to achieve the maximum correction possible for each case.

In planning treatment for each person, our ScoliBrace certified physical therapist will carefully consider a variety of factors, including the history of scoliosis in the family, the age at which the curve began, the curve’s location and severity of the curve. Most spine curves in children with scoliosis respond well to conservative treatments and Scolibrace, when necessary.

If a curve does progress, a corrective ScoliBrace can be used in conjunction with specialized physical therapy treatments to return the spine to a more normal position. Children and adults undergoing treatment with ScoliBrace can continue to participate in the full range of physical and social activities.

How We Can Help?

Scoliosis is a common problem usually managed by observation and repeated examination during the growing years. As mentioned, early detection is extremely important in order to make certain the curve does not progress. With treatment advances pioneered at our office and ScoliBrace, most patients are able to avoid surgical intervention and its lengthy recovery.

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