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Chicago Physical Therapy

Specializing in non-surgical physical therapy treatments to promote natural healing. Our physical therapist will help you regain muscle and flexibility to return to a normal state.

Best Chicago Chiropractors

Chiropractic treatments that focus on correcting posture can have an almost instant effect on pain relief. Dr. Dan's own experience with living with pain for years caused him to master this therapy.

Cryotherapy & Decompression

We offer state of the art training and medical equipment, like cryotherapy chambers to reduce joint pain and enhance healing; and decompressions tables to treat alignment issues faster.

#1 Top Rated Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Office in Chicago

You don't have to suffer from chronic pain or longer injury recovery times. With over 20 years of success in Chicago, Dr. Daniel Jacobazzi, D.C. P.T. is the leading pioneer in cross discipline physical medicine, helping over 10,000 patients reduce and eliminate pain from injury, athletics, scoliosis, bad posture, alignment issues, text neck and long hours in front of a computer or travelling.

"I was motivated to become a doctor and earn multiple degrees in different medical disciplines to help others eliminate pain from common sources like the neck, shoulder, back, and knees after suffering extreme pain myself. Starting at the age of 8 until 23, the chronic and intermittent pain prevented me from competing in many national and collegiate events and I missed out on many childhood experiences. By dedicating over 20 years to specialize and combine the best treatments from multiple physical medicine disciplines, I'm proud to be able to help our patients gain pain relief quickly, without the need of costly and risky surgery with longer recovery times."

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You are in good hands with us! Our vast experience in multiple medicine fields and physical therapy treatment can help you save money, avoid unnecessary surgery, medication and MRIs. No prescription is needed!

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Physical Therapy

Our Chicago based physical therapy center uses a combination of exercise and conventional medicine to help you regain strength and flexibility in your muscles.

Chiropractoric Care

Our top-rated chiropractors are the best in Chicago! Chiropractic care is a drug-free, surgery-free approach to treatment for a wide range of musculo-skeletal issues and illnesses.


Mechanical Decompression Therapy is your last best chance to avoid surgery and speed up healing and recovery time of spinal issues, disc bulges, sciatic and radiating arm pain.

Class IV Lasers

Class IV Laser Therapy safely provides up to 1200 times more tissue and muscle peneration to reduce pain by up to 50% in just one session while increasing healing rates by up to 2 times faster.


Cryotherapy is a hyper cooling process which is highly effective in reducing musculoskeletal pain and joint inflammation. It is also known to enhance sports performance & fat loss.

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What our patients have to say
Over 10,000 patients helped!

We appreciate the trust our patients have in us. Living in pain with no apparent help is very frustrating and scary, with so many different "experts" it is hard to know who to turn to in your time of need. Thank you for choosing us and rest assured we will never let you down with your customized treatment plan.

I thought my career was over

"As a NCAA Division 1 cross country/track athlete, I train and compete at a very high level. A competition injury to my hamstring caused me over 14 months of main with athletic trainers and physical therapists at my university not able to help. Dr. Dan's evaluation and interpretation of my condition through an x-ray revealed to him exactly why I wasn't healing and what adjustments he could do to allow me to heal naturally. Not only am I competing at my previous levels, I was able to run personal bests in several events after treatment!."

David Timlin

Orthopedist said it won't help

"A severe pinched nerve landed me at an NW Immediate Care center twice with a prescribed high dose ibuprofen and a two week wait to see an orthopedic doctor. The pain was unbearable so I called phyxMe PT. Dr. Dan saw me straight away and provided immediate relief. Within 48 hours I'd had x-rays, been provided with a diagnosis and given a treatment plan. On the other hand, the orthopedic doctor's review of my diagnosis left me facing a future of even more pain and little hope that phyxMe could help. I'm glad I didn't listen. As I've gone from intense pain where I could barely sleep or sit comfortably to being back functioning normally and 100% pain-free without surgery!"

Kim Johnson

I got my life back

"I have had 3 surgeries in my L5-S1 disc from 19-26 yrs old. Doctors told me that I have degenerative disc and that I may always be in pain. I took a leave of absence from work for 3 months to get two surgeries just to be able to walk again. It was scary but I found Dr. Dan. The treatment has diminished my daily pain from being on bed rest and in constant pain, to walking and biking with little to no pain. I am eternally grateful to have my life back and be pain-free. Thank you!"

Mackenzie Papini

Nothing else worked

"I am very cautious in my approach to medicine and surgery. When I was disagnosed with a condition that always requires surgery I started to search for alternatives. No matter what I tried or expert I went to see, I did not get any results or improvements until coming to phyxMe Physical Therapy. I'm happy to say I am fully active again without surgery thanks to Dr. Dan."

Julie Anderton

Perfect combo for sciatic pain

"phyxMe is the only reason I walk, work and live today with NO PAIN. It was my first experience with serious sciatic pain. I was using a lot of medication and thought the 24/7 pain would never leave. I tried 2 well know large PT practices with no change. phyxMe with Dr Dan's experience and expertise and the combination therapies worked. Period. Listen to what he says, do the homework/workouts, and follow it through you will see a change."

Adam Stizmann

I got my voice back

"Prior to coming to phyxMe and working with Dr. Dan my Dysponia caused me to literally lose my ability to phonate and speak. Dr. Dan was able to get me talking again without the typical Botulinum toxin injections recommended by the medical community for this condition. Thank you so much."

Victor Chears

Our athletes heal faster and perform better post recovery

Nothing is worse than have an injury during the season or the dread of having to deal with surgery off-season. Before you have surgery or wait too long and make your injury into a chronic season or career ending situation. Give us a call. You'll be amazed how we can not only help you recover faster without surgery, but also create a routine to help you prevent future injuries and increase athletic performance. To date every athlete treated by Dr. Dan has achieved a new PR post treatment.

Increases your energy, work productivity and health

Avoid burnout, loss of productivity and decreased quality of life that comes from living with chronic pain. Text neck, long hours chained to desk, in front of computers, traveling in airplanes, and office related injuries hamper both work performance and family life. Our non-surgical and multiple discipline approach will help you become and remain as pain free as possible no matter how bad or minor you think it is. Untreated neck, shoulder, back and knee problems only get worse without treatment.

Best ways to relieve pain from Scoliosis

Living with Scoliosis can be burdensome with all the false and ineffective treatment options and braces on the market. Dr. Dan and his team have been extremely successfully in helping our patients with Scoliosis find relief and implement correction plans in as little as four visits. Our office only uses the best scoliosis braces that are proven to work better than hospital grade options and can be properly fitted in just one session.